Company background


Flashlamps Verre & Quartz

The “Etablissements Diot Frères” installations were manufacturing silica tubings from crystals of quartz, and specialized in tight silica-to-tungsten seals since 1928. The first flashlamps (Hg) were manufactured in 1936.

The establishments changed to “Verre & Quartz Company” in 1947. The main activity is the manufacture of UV mercury lamps of quartz, and also X-rays lamps : the Company rapidly gets its notoriety in the medical field.

High power flashtubes already used in studio photography : many 10 kJ flashtubes were successfully used (1953). In the early 60’s, Maiman experimented the first worldwide laser pumped by an helical flashlamp, allowing Verre & Quartz to extend its production of flashlamps, used as new optical sources for solid-state laser pumping. In collaboration with well-known technical institutes and Research Laboratories, Verre & Quartz developed flashlamps which became highly sophisticated products requiring manufacturing techniques more and more reliable.

Low power borosilicate flashtubes and low size quartz flashlamps have been appearing in 1963, thanks to a new method of achievement of sealing glass. The first realisation of solid- state lasers (Ruby and Neodymium) took place in 1965. This fabrication is forsaken in favour of the flashtubes. The lamps for studio photography were benefiting the great improvements realized for lamps intended for optical pumping of lasers, particularly the technique of “shrunk electrodes” or the elaboration of new types of emissive dopants as well as their concentration and homogeneity in the tungsten matrix. Thanks to the different international projects, new technologies allow the lamps to reach very great average powers. The first well-known customers were Marie Curie, J. Perrin, then A. Kastler and Leprince-Ringuet.
Now, Flashlamps Verre & Quartz is glad to present a great variety of flashlamps and technical glasswork products for each type of applications: industrial lasers, medical laser and hair removal lamps, scientific femtosecond lasers, aerospace applications, professional photo studios, photonic decontamination for food and pharmaceutical industry and sun light simulation for the photovoltaic sustainable energy.
We will be honored by your trustfulness for study and realization of all services and manufacturings meeting your requirements and giving you the benefit of our long experience.

Gabriel Diot, founder of FlashLamps